Jumping lessons

One year gone

We miss you, Carol.  Today and every day.

Taken December 29, 2008.


Lou had her one year pediatric check-up on Thursday. Here are her stats:

head circumference: 19″ (97th %ile)
height: 29 1/2″ (60th %ile)
weight: 18 lbs 8.5 oz (10th %ile)

More than zero

Happy Birthday, Baby O!  Now I won’t get to hear Tito tell people that his baby sister is zero anymore.  You’re one now!

In fact, in honor of your new age, I’m going to start referring to you here by your real-life nickname: Lou.  You can’t be Baby O forever, you know.  You’re big now.

While the big kids were at school, Lou and I baked a cake.  Now that she’s one, she got to lick a beater.  It just had frosting on it; the cake I mixed with a spoon.  And even though I knew the chances were slim, I didn’t want to risk giving her salmonella for her birthday, so the spoon went straight into the sink, unlicked.

I had hoped to get the cake done while the big kids were at school, because I knew Micey was hoping to invite some friends over to help celebrate.  Unfortunately, the layers weren’t cool yet when it was time to go pick Tito up from school, so I wasn’t able to finish in time.  I spread some lemon curd on top of one layer, stacked the second layer on top, and dashed off to get Tito.

We left Tito’s school at 1:55 and rushed home through the rain.  At 2:10, I burst through the front door with Tito running behind me and Lou under one arm.  I plopped Lou on the floor, speed-frosted the cake, and was back out the door by 2:25.

Not bad for a rush job, I say!  Look at those little flowers… just like the grocery store bakery!

Driving out of the school parking lot (we drove because of the rain), we found Daddy sitting in his car waiting for us!  Yay!  He had been in Argentina for over a week running the Cruce de los Andes, so we were extra glad to see him.  Lou thought he was the best birthday present ever.

When we got home, we made some calls and rounded up some neighborhood friends to join us for cake.  Four of Micey’s friends came over, along with two of their big sisters and three of their mothers. Amazingly, they arrived bearing gifts even though we had given them only a few minutes notice.

We gathered round the dining table and Lou opened her presents with lots of help from the big kids.

She got a bag of groceries from us.

And a fancy purse from Grandma Marcia.

It was lots of fun and everyone helped blow out her candle.

When it was time to eat cake, Lou took a hands-off approach at first.

After a minute, she got a bit bolder.

She thought the cake felt weird.

Then she got used to it.

Squishing things can be fun!

Squish!  Squish!  Squish.

Okay, it’s freaking me out again!  All done!

Two down, one to go!

Big toothy grin

Tooth number eight has just broken through:

Have teeth, will travel!

And explore!

And conquer!


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